November has been a quieter month, I needed some chill time before December started. I have some cool events coming up in December, a little heads up I like to share where I’ll be on my instagram story.

And thank you for the comments on my last few blog posts; Confessions of a British Born Jamaican & My Body Confidence Journey. I love improvised and personal posts, I always get the best responses. I feel so relieved when someone gets it, that reassurance is all I need sometimes.

Upcoming Events

Friday 1st December – Moor Hair: Made With Love Fair

Monday 4th DecemberBHBC (Black Hair & Beauty Chat) Social

Saturday 9th December – Master Class Media: Friendtor

Monday 11th December#AdzviceLetsTalk ‘Men vs Women: Understanding the other side’

Saturday 16th December – SAIE: Break The Stigma – The Winter Soiree

Friday 22nd December – Ordinal Flava’s Caribbean Xmas Dinner & Dancehall


I have been feeling super grateful this month. A shift in my confidence has been making it that little bit easier to be grateful. The cloud is lifting, everything is looking brighter. I am able to be more appreciative, instead of dismissive. It was easier to discredit myself, now it’s easier to pat myself on the back.

I spoke on this shift in my confidence in my last post – My Body Confidence Journey

I think I have stopped putting so much pressure on myself and used that freedom to give thanks for what I have and who I have in my life.

Exciting News

I really am pushing myself out of my comfort zone this year…. I will be speaking at an event in December about my mental health and removing the stigma within the black community. I am terrified and excited all at the same time.


I haven’t updated you on my current favourite tracks in while. I have been loving Kelela‘s new album and Alex Isley has been bumping through my speakers for weeks now.

Toulouse – Reach Out

Malika – Run

112 – U Already Know

Method Man & Ginuwine – Let’s Ride

Donell Jones – Pushin’

Kelela – Waitin & Altadena

Alex Isley – About Him, On II U & Don’t/Do

Let me know how your November went and what have you got planned for December? Also if there are any events you think I might be interested in feel free to let me know.


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