I have been meaning to visit the Black Cultural Archives for some time now. I originally thought this was a new establishment, but the Black Cultural Archives has been in business since July 2014.

Like father, like son

“Black Cultural Archives is a national institution dedicated to collecting, preserving and celebrating the histories of diverse people of African and Caribbean descent in Britain”

I thought it would be a good idea to make this a family trip. I took a lot of photos so this post is a visual one. Enjoy the pictures, facts and family fun. 

Bag from Sunukër

Ah wah dis?

As this was our first time going to the BCA, we wasn’t sure what to expect. I originally thought it would be like a museum, however the theme in the centre changes. BCA have different exhibitions going on throughout the year. The current exhibition is ‘Black Sound’, an experience that tells the story of musical creativity specifically within the UK black British scene.The Black Cultural Archives is the UK’s first heritage centre dedicated to black history and culture in Britian.

Black Sound is on display until 7th November. General admission is free, however the audio tour is £3.

We was greeted by Yvonne at the reception and got talking about Stormzy and the UK grime scene. Yvonne had a lot of knowledge, sharing a lot of information I wasn’t even aware of.

I don’t pay much attention to the UK music scene, but learning the history and origins of the music is interesting. I have a lot more respect for the artists, especially the ones who are independent, I can’t even imagine how much time and dedication goes into that.

It was nice spending time with my family to experience something we can all appreciate. My brother who is a music producer and myself a lover of music, could appreciate it that little bit more. It was lovely watching my mum get excited seeing the tape player and telling me about the artists she remembers listening too.

The little audio device allowed you to hear music from different time frames, related to the piece of writing displayed on the wall. It adds something to the whole experience.

The black British experience is highly ignored in the mainstream media, so I’m glad there are places like BCA that make it their mission to give the community the low down on some of the black British greats.

If I didn’t see the #BlackSound exhibition, I would have not known who Winifred Atwell is.

Mumsie and future big time producer, aka my brother.

I had no idea Roll Deep was made up of some big UK artists like Wiley and Skepta. I clearly was not paying attention.

Ray Blk talking that truth! Working as an independent artist probably gives artists heeps of freedom.

This exhibition highlighted the journey the black British music industry has gone on.

We finished off with a drink from the restaurant they have. I loved the eclectic feel the restaurant has. Next time I’ll try their food. Femi, the lady working in the restaurant was super nice. It finished off the trip perfectly.


Sparkling ginger
Overall I think the BCA is a great way to spend your time in Brixton. If you’re in the area, definitely check it out. If you want to enjoy the day in Brixton check out Curlture’s ‘Black & Abroad – The London Guide’ for some cool spots in the area. As the exhibitions change, I would recommend seeing what is on offer before going. 


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