Women’s Empowerment is About Choice

In light of the recent 'Twerk' video and in the age of the Me Too Movement, everybody is discussing women's empowerment; what it means, what it looks like, why it's needed and everything in between. https://youtu.be/QryoOF5jEbc After having a conversation with my mum, once she had watched five minutes of the video, I explained why … Continue reading Women’s Empowerment is About Choice

5 Ways to Treat Yourself on Valentine’s Day

It’s February which really only means one thing, love is in the air. There’s one significant day this month that gets the most attention, Valentine’s Day. Last year I dedicated the month to self-care, looking after yourself during the month of love. This year I was going to do a black owned Valentine’s Day gift … Continue reading 5 Ways to Treat Yourself on Valentine’s Day

Salvation ~ Black People & Love | Review

Another one of Bell Hooks books that really got me thinking. I really shouldn't be surprised by the way Hooks approaches certain topics. Even with her The Will To Change Men, Masculinity, and Love book I was pleasantly surprised by the way she approached feminism. It really challenged me to think about men as well as us … Continue reading Salvation ~ Black People & Love | Review