Black British Bloggers Mixer Event

Another informative and inspiring event from Black British Bloggers. On Saturday I attended the last BBB event of the year with Ray (Industry Me). We spent the day networking, enjoying the selection of sweets, taking notes from the all male lineup, playing around with the gif booth and listening intently to the final panel discussion … Continue reading Black British Bloggers Mixer Event

Issues Within The Black Community & Ways To Solve Them

Wanting to address the issues within our community is something I have been trying to do and have touched on in a few of my blog posts before. This is not to ignore the work that has already been done, by the people who constantly inspire me; Jay & Tri Founders of Curlture, and Tobi … Continue reading Issues Within The Black Community & Ways To Solve Them

The Secret To Being Happily Single

Firstly I did not expect this post to be so highly anticipated. I have been putting off this post for the longest time, because I did not want to write a woe is me type of post, and I really try my best not to think about my current relationship status, that’s just how I deal with … Continue reading The Secret To Being Happily Single

Questioning My Views On Feminism

I am not 100% sure where it all came from but there was a lot of talk of black men, patriarchy and black male privilege on my twitter tl recently. I usually use the time to just read and take it in, I know Twitter isn't the best place to get educated but I honestly … Continue reading Questioning My Views On Feminism