What I Could Do Vs What I Actually Want To Do

I have been pretty quiet lately, mainly because comparison has been stealing all of my joy and I have had a difficult time shaking it off. I have slightly fallen out of love with instagram as well, the dedication needed to get my page to grow can be exhausting, especially when I'm just trying to … Continue reading What I Could Do Vs What I Actually Want To Do

Finding My Passion

I am the worst when it comes to applauding myself. I have always struggled to list my strengths. Getting to this point in my life where I am able to acknowledge my strengths is big for me. When I have moments of self acceptance and self belief I speak on it. Tell me about yourself … Continue reading Finding My Passion

Two Years of Blogging

24 April 2015 was the day I spontaneously started up my blog. My first post was the usual 50 Facts About Me. I wasn't sure what to do to celebrate two years of 'SaabirahLawrence' so I decided to talk about my blogging journey so far, the ups and the downs. I read Fola's One Year Of … Continue reading Two Years of Blogging