What Does an Independent Woman Look Like?

It may be a shock to some, but get this women are more than capable of being multifaceted and not every woman will want the same thing. So suggesting a woman is no longer Independent based on the fact that she wants her man to pay for her is a load of rubbish. *and breathe* … Continue reading What Does an Independent Woman Look Like?

Going Solo: Attending Events Alone

I have always enjoyed doing things by myself, even if it did make my stomach turn and hands shake. I was constantly thinking about what it looks like, I felt like being alone made it look like it had no friends or maybe I was just weird. It's strange I never looked at it in … Continue reading Going Solo: Attending Events Alone

Understanding Slut Shaming & Sexual Liberation

What Is Slut Shaming? An unfortunate phenomenon in which people degrade or mock women Becca's she enjoys having sex, has sex a lot or may even just be rumoured to participate in sexual activity. Often it's accompanied by urban legends such as the common virgin misconception that the vagina becomes larger or looser with use-in … Continue reading Understanding Slut Shaming & Sexual Liberation