You Cannot Pick ‘n’ Mix With Your Race

This was not the post that was supposed to be posted today, but I felt like sharing my two pence on the matter. I said a little on my Instagram stories and you seemed to respond well to it. I really didn't want to get involved in this conversation because I feel like it such a … Continue reading You Cannot Pick ‘n’ Mix With Your Race

The UK Has A Terrible Understanding Of Race

  I haven't quite figured out if people here in the UK just have a really poor understanding of race and racism or if they are deliberately being ignorant.   I do believe it is a sad combination of the two, even though black people have been here since the beginning of time (don't let … Continue reading The UK Has A Terrible Understanding Of Race

What’s Next? After The #BLM Protests

We have protested, it was great to see the UK support the #BlackLivesMatter movement. As much as I wanted to be part of it, there was too many things that lead me to stay out of it. Now What's Next? Do we just continue tweeting and posting up #BlackLivesMatter posts on Instagram? #BuyBlack I've seen posts and tweets about #BuyBlack and … Continue reading What’s Next? After The #BLM Protests

Understanding White Privilege

What is White privilege? The reality that a white persons whiteness has come - and continues to come with a vast array of benefits and advantages not shared by many people of colour (POC). It doesn't mean a that I, a White Person, don't work hard (I do) or that I haven't suffered (well, I … Continue reading Understanding White Privilege