I’m Still Figuring It Out

  The Journey My blogging journey has been an interesting and insightful one. It helps to write about it all, to make sense of it all. I tend to avoid thinking about my future, the thought of it makes me really anxious. At the same time living in the moment can be also be tricky … Continue reading I’m Still Figuring It Out

Toast2YoungLondon 1 Year Anniversary

First, Thank you Caroline & Misha for the warm welcome, before any event I'm always nervous, but you ladies made me feel super comfortable. It was lovely seeing Caroline and Misha again after meeting them at the Adzvice Push event. To celebrate a year of success, Toast2YoungLondon hosted their third event. A networking event for … Continue reading Toast2YoungLondon 1 Year Anniversary

The Fear Of Success Is Affecting My Productivity

I bloody love Jouelzy's videos. I recently watched her video about the #YoutubeBlack event and she mentioned something about the fear of success. I then watched her Fear Of Success video. Ten minutes into the #YoutubeBlack Recap video Joulezy said "I'm so used to being broke and I'm so used to struggling that it's almost where my … Continue reading The Fear Of Success Is Affecting My Productivity