My Problematic Relationship With Photography

I had some thoughts about my relationship with photography and my confidence issues recently and thought I would share them with you as I work towards getting rid of these insecurities. I am so used to being behind the camera, at school I always had my camera out. I used to nominate myself to be the designated … Continue reading My Problematic Relationship With Photography

My Body Confidence Journey

I have spoken about fat shaming, dressing for my body shape, my feelings towards people pointing out my weight and my own body issues on my blog before. This post is an update, as a lot of my attitudes towards my weight has changed. The idea to write this post actually came from asking myself; … Continue reading My Body Confidence Journey

Going Solo: Attending Events Alone

I have always enjoyed doing things by myself, even if it did make my stomach turn and hands shake. I was constantly thinking about what it looks like, I felt like being alone made it look like it had no friends or maybe I was just weird. It's strange I never looked at it in … Continue reading Going Solo: Attending Events Alone