What I Could Do Vs What I Actually Want To Do

I have been pretty quiet lately, mainly because comparison has been stealing all of my joy and I have had a difficult time shaking it off. I have slightly fallen out of love with instagram as well, the dedication needed to get my page to grow can be exhausting, especially when I'm just trying to … Continue reading What I Could Do Vs What I Actually Want To Do

Freeing Yourself From Expectations

As humans we naturally respond well to praise and reward based behaviours. It feels good to make those that matter to us proud. To have people talk about you with smiles on their faces and light in their eyes. We don't want to disappoint or upset those close to us, which can sometimes result in … Continue reading Freeing Yourself From Expectations

The Secret To Being Happily Single

Firstly I did not expect this post to be so highly anticipated. I have been putting off this post for the longest time, because I did not want to write a woe is me type of post, and I really try my best not to think about my current relationship status, that’s just how I deal with … Continue reading The Secret To Being Happily Single