The Will To Change Men, Masculinity, and Love | Review

*yay my first book review. I recently purchased some books from Amazon, 'The Will To Change Men, Masculinity, and Love' being one of them. I decided to review this book first, as it is a topic I have taken a lot of interested in recently. This is my first book review and I wasn't sure how … Continue reading The Will To Change Men, Masculinity, and Love | Review

I Don’t Know What To Write About

Watching NissyTee whilst enjoying some bananas and hot water. Am I the only person who drinks hot water? Rewind back to 12:00pm today and I'm warming up my rice, thinking about my neglected blog. Well my blog hasn't really been neglected, but I feel very guilty. There's only one lonely post up for this month. … Continue reading I Don’t Know What To Write About

Rambling On About Feminism

  Posts like this make my blood boil. This idea that women exist solely for men is insulting. There are more than a handful of men who feel like women must be the student in a relationship. Now I'm not against learning from your partner in a relationship, however I'm not here for the idea … Continue reading Rambling On About Feminism

Fat, Black & Single #2

Last year back in June I did a very honest post, about how I felt my weight and being black relates to my relationship status. I went back to read my Fat, Black & Single post the other day and got pretty emotional. I don't really remember writing all the things I was reading. I felt as … Continue reading Fat, Black & Single #2