Police Brutality In The UK Is Not New

If I had a pound for every tweet that suggested that the UK is following in Americas foot steps when it comes to police brutality, I would be bloody rich. Police brutality here in the U.K. Is not new, it has been going on for years. The way it is represented here is simply different … Continue reading Police Brutality In The UK Is Not New

Why Is The Black British Struggle Ignored?

I'm sure you have seen all the conversation around Samuel L Jackson's comments on black British actors playing American roles in films. It's a real shame that the interview took an ignorant turn, because the conversation and discussions within the interview was very interesting and thought provoking. Up until the point where Samuel started to … Continue reading Why Is The Black British Struggle Ignored?

Black-Only Spaces Are Necessary

I understand why all races are hesitant about the idea of black only spaces. However I still feel like we need spaces specifically created by us, for us, because nobody else is going to do it for us. I get it, but this isn't segregation and it isn't based on hate or a dislike of … Continue reading Black-Only Spaces Are Necessary

Being Conscious is Exhausting

This James Baldwin quote perfectly explains how I'm feeling right now. It's been a week of deaths within the black community and the feeling of sadness and the anger has started up again. Sometimes I think about how much easier it is to go about your day not hearing or seeing these tragedies. It's horrible … Continue reading Being Conscious is Exhausting