A Colourblind World Will Not End Racism

"Stop highlighting our differences" Ignoring differences because we all bleed the same has created the tension and confusion we see today. We are already living a life that is a result of this "I don't see colour" mindset. The uncomfortability comes from people pointing this out and calling for change. Details: Earrings – Jumpsuit Photographer: Whitney Abigail Existing in … Continue reading A Colourblind World Will Not End Racism

The UK Has A Terrible Understanding Of Race

  I haven't quite figured out if people here in the UK just have a really poor understanding of race and racism or if they are deliberately being ignorant.   I do believe it is a sad combination of the two, even though black people have been here since the beginning of time (don't let … Continue reading The UK Has A Terrible Understanding Of Race

What’s Next? After The #BLM Protests

We have protested, it was great to see the UK support the #BlackLivesMatter movement. As much as I wanted to be part of it, there was too many things that lead me to stay out of it. Now What's Next? Do we just continue tweeting and posting up #BlackLivesMatter posts on Instagram? #BuyBlack I've seen posts and tweets about #BuyBlack and … Continue reading What’s Next? After The #BLM Protests