Self Love / Feel Good Playlist #2

My first 'Self Love / Feel Good Playlist' went well, so I had to do another one for all my music lovers. This playlist is a mixture of songs that promote and encourage self love, and a few songs that just makes me feel good. There's a few new songs and some oldies (the throwbacks are the … Continue reading Self Love / Feel Good Playlist #2

Self Love / Feel Good Playlist

I'm definitely on a self love journey. Music has always been a form of therapy for me, a way to escape. It was hard not to love music growing up in my house. The only time music wasn't being played was when we were all sleeping. It was like having a bunch of DJs at … Continue reading Self Love / Feel Good Playlist

Notting Hill Carnival & “Black on Black Crime”

A bank holiday in August only really means one thing.... ITS CARNIVAL!. If you didn't know every year during the August bank holiday Notting Hill Carnival begins. This massive event celebrating freedom of expression and also a reminder of the Caribbean islands many black people had left behind when coming to England.  This celebration of … Continue reading Notting Hill Carnival & “Black on Black Crime”

#BuyBlack Wishlist

I did a post about what to do next after the protesting and marching called 'What's Next?'. I mentioned the hashtag #BuyBlack where we buy what we need and anything else we want from black owned businesses. I've recently come across a few black owned businesses that I'd want to buy from, thought it would be … Continue reading #BuyBlack Wishlist