5 Reasons Why I Think Black Creatives Should be on Twitter [Guest Post]

Black Twitter is an online cultural identity that many black people around the world align with, popular culture depends on and businesses stay trying to profit off. While African Americans represent the largest membership base of Black Twitter, the increasing voice, power and influence that Black British Twitter has been something I’ve kept a keen … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why I Think Black Creatives Should be on Twitter [Guest Post]

Toast2YoungLondon 1 Year Anniversary

First, Thank you Caroline & Misha for the warm welcome, before any event I'm always nervous, but you ladies made me feel super comfortable. It was lovely seeing Caroline and Misha again after meeting them at the Adzvice Push event. To celebrate a year of success, Toast2YoungLondon hosted their third event. A networking event for … Continue reading Toast2YoungLondon 1 Year Anniversary

Black British Bloggers Social Event

Was well excited as this was the first blogging event I have been to, even more excited about the fact that it was a black British bloggers event. I went with my younger sister. I thought it would be great for me to network and gets some much needed tips on improving my blog. This event … Continue reading Black British Bloggers Social Event