5 Life Lessons From 2018

This post is a reminder for myself and I hope that it may remind others of the some of the things they may have learnt throughout the year. It's important to reflect and speak on the good and the ugly in order to move forward. - It's Okay to be Selfish Growing up as the … Continue reading 5 Life Lessons From 2018

You Cannot Pick ‘n’ Mix With Your Race

This was not the post that was supposed to be posted today, but I felt like sharing my two pence on the matter. I said a little on my Instagram stories and you seemed to respond well to it. I really didn't want to get involved in this conversation because I feel like it such a … Continue reading You Cannot Pick ‘n’ Mix With Your Race

Prioritizing Self Care & Identifying Self Sabotage

*I was gifted a workbook by Crazy Creative Cool to review. So I have included a short review within this post. Should we be scheduling in self care days and social media breaks? Or is it more of something we do when we need it? As someone who has a mix of both fitting in … Continue reading Prioritizing Self Care & Identifying Self Sabotage

Modern Black Queer Icons [Guest Post]

Hello beautiful people! I want to say thank you to Saabirah for reaching out to me for this guest post, I had so much fun writing it! Queer history within Black History Month isn't often talked about however the educational and cultural impact of it is just as important during this month and after. Here … Continue reading Modern Black Queer Icons [Guest Post]