I Don’t Know What To Write About

Watching NissyTee whilst enjoying some bananas and hot water. Am I the only person who drinks hot water? Rewind back to 12:00pm today and I'm warming up my rice, thinking about my neglected blog. Well my blog hasn't really been neglected, but I feel very guilty. There's only one lonely post up for this month. … Continue reading I Don’t Know What To Write About

My On/Off Relationship With Dance

Unless you know me personally you won't know that I used to do a lot of dancing when I was younger. I was around 6 or 7 when I first started dancing, which was back in summer school. I gravitated more towards street dancing over any other style of dance. I'm pretty sure being born … Continue reading My On/Off Relationship With Dance

The Fear Of Success Is Affecting My Productivity

I bloody love Jouelzy's videos. I recently watched her video about the #YoutubeBlack event and she mentioned something about the fear of success. I then watched her Fear Of Success video. Ten minutes into the #YoutubeBlack Recap video Joulezy said "I'm so used to being broke and I'm so used to struggling that it's almost where my … Continue reading The Fear Of Success Is Affecting My Productivity

50 Facts About Me

Thought this would be a good way to start off my blog. Here's 50 random facts about me: I'm single and ready to eat some Pringles I'm a Leo *lion emoji* I'm the oldest of four I love pasta (CARBBSSSS!😍) I can easily eat a bowl of plain pasta 🍝 Lemonade, ginger beer and milky … Continue reading 50 Facts About Me