Mashooq Deep Penetrating Oil | Review

Sometimes It feels like I'm greasing up my scalp everyday, especially now that it's winter. It's more like every two days to be honest. When it comes to oils I have tried a few, I've tried; avocado oil, coconut oil,  olive oil and pumpkin seed oil. I still want to try black Jamaican castor oil … Continue reading Mashooq Deep Penetrating Oil | Review

ElastaQP Moisture Infusion Olive Oil Range| Review

My posts have been pretty heavy and race related lately, and even though those are the posts I enjoy writing the most, balance is key. As you know I'm currently figuring out what products are the best for my hair. I'm constantly trying new products and constantly learning new things about natural hair care. - … Continue reading ElastaQP Moisture Infusion Olive Oil Range| Review

High Porosity Wishlist

I found out that I have high porosity. I took the test on the Shea Moisture website and had a look at what high porosity means. Knowing what my hair porosity is should make it easier to find the right products. Since writing this post I have taken the glass of water test and found … Continue reading High Porosity Wishlist