Confessions of a British born Jamaican

I'm not one of those people who can identify where someone is from just by looking at them. I hate when people ask me to guess where they are from because I honestly have no clue. I'm always amazed by those who can look at someone and pick up on the mannerisms and connect them … Continue reading Confessions of a British born Jamaican

For My Brothers

This is not just for my younger brothers, it's for any black men that may come across this post. I have been meaning to do a more positive post on black men for some time now. As most of my posts are focused on how amazing black women are. This post is not a "I … Continue reading For My Brothers

February: Tequila Shots & Self Development

Started doing monthly updates, just to round up the month. You can read my January post here. I didn't really get up to much this month, with that being said here's what I did do. Music I came across Ari Lennox on Spotify (thankyou Spotify) and to say I'm now obsessed is an understatement. I love the whole … Continue reading February: Tequila Shots & Self Development