Challenging The Angry Black Woman [Guest Post]

  I started writing a post on how black women are policed when it comes to our emotions. I pulled reference to Serena Williams’ public display at frustration over her recent US Open tennis final and how this was instantly characterized by the world media as brutish, aggressive and a host of other negative words … Continue reading Challenging The Angry Black Woman [Guest Post]

What Is Your Legacy? – Black People & Our Legacies

"What is your legacy?" The moment I heard Jay from Curlture ask us this at last years Black British Bloggers event I have been wracking my brain thinking about my own legacy. It's easy for me to just drift into the background and simply exist. Since I started blogging I have not only found my … Continue reading What Is Your Legacy? – Black People & Our Legacies

Modern Black Queer Icons [Guest Post]

Hello beautiful people! I want to say thank you to Saabirah for reaching out to me for this guest post, I had so much fun writing it! Queer history within Black History Month isn't often talked about however the educational and cultural impact of it is just as important during this month and after. Here … Continue reading Modern Black Queer Icons [Guest Post]