You Cannot Pick ‘n’ Mix With Your Race

This was not the post that was supposed to be posted today, but I felt like sharing my two pence on the matter. I said a little on my Instagram stories and you seemed to respond well to it. I really didn't want to get involved in this conversation because I feel like it such a … Continue reading You Cannot Pick ‘n’ Mix With Your Race

Black Sisterhood

I was reading Olivia's 'Being Black, Female & Depressed' post and you should too because it's freaken awesome and relatable af. She mentions black sisterhood and how the support from black women has helped her. This post is dedicated to all the women who have shown so much love and support throughout my blogging experience so far … Continue reading Black Sisterhood

Understanding Cultural Appropriation

I personally feel like understanding cultural appropriation is pretty simple, but there are a few that still do not understand it, so I'm going to try to explain it. What Is Culture Appropriation? Everything to do with race is about power. When we speak about cultural appropriation it is important to keep the word "power" … Continue reading Understanding Cultural Appropriation