Black British Bloggers Mixer Event

Another informative and inspiring event from Black British Bloggers. On Saturday I attended the last BBB event of the year with Ray (Industry Me). We spent the day networking, enjoying the selection of sweets, taking notes from the all male lineup, playing around with the gif booth and listening intently to the final panel discussion … Continue reading Black British Bloggers Mixer Event

If I Am Blogging On A Budget, What Do I Write About?

Firstly thank you for all the love in this series. I have enjoyed sharing the knowledge of others and some of the things I have learnt along the way. Thank you Charlotte & Ray for being part of this series. I started off the series with some of the basics to blogging on a budget, you can read that … Continue reading If I Am Blogging On A Budget, What Do I Write About?

How To Blog On A Budget

I started this series hopefully to help others who want to get into blogging or are already blogging find ways to create magic, without money being an issue. Blogging for me has been extremely beneficial for my mental health. I have found a community of people who I can relate to, something I didn’t really … Continue reading How To Blog On A Budget

Adzvice ‘PUSH’ Event

Speakers Bola Sol // Self Development & Money Matters   Bola explored many areas that I’m sure a lot people can relate to like; the fear of failure, entitlement, diversification, energy, improving your credit and having/ managing multiple streams of income. Bola reminded us that we shouldn’t let the fear of failure own us. Failure … Continue reading Adzvice ‘PUSH’ Event