My Body Confidence Journey

I have spoken about fat shaming, dressing for my body shape, my feelings towards people pointing out my weight and my own body issues on my blog before. This post is an update, as a lot of my attitudes towards my weight has changed. The idea to write this post actually came from asking myself; … Continue reading My Body Confidence Journey

January: Dating, Natural Hair Journey & Reading Wishlist

Before we get into this post, I'd like to Thankyou everyone for the love that was shown on my last post. All the compliments and shares are appreciated. THANKYOU! I did a twitter poll to see if you would want me to do monthly favourites posts, and even though the majority of people said yes, I thought … Continue reading January: Dating, Natural Hair Journey & Reading Wishlist

Fat, Black & Single #2

Last year back in June I did a very honest post, about how I felt my weight and being black relates to my relationship status. I went back to read my Fat, Black & Single post the other day and got pretty emotional. I don't really remember writing all the things I was reading. I felt as … Continue reading Fat, Black & Single #2

Body Acceptance & Dressing My Curves

At 22 I am only now starting to understand what clothes work for my body shape. I'm short and stubby with large thighs, small arms and a big stomach. Figuring out what clothes complement my shape and height isn't easy, but I'm getting there. Developing My Style Having your parents buy your clothes when you … Continue reading Body Acceptance & Dressing My Curves