Q&A With Black Business Owners Pt.2

This is the second part of the Q&A with UK Black Business Owners. You can read the first part here.   Q&A Time!   Q. What are your thoughts on support within the community? Cherelle: In regards to verbal support, I have never personally met a black person who has said they do not support … Continue reading Q&A With Black Business Owners Pt.2

Q&A With Black Business Owners Pt.1

I received such detailed answers, I wanted to include all the answers but, I had to be realistic. Instead it being one long post I have split it into two parts. The first part being an introduction and an opportunity for me to ask some amazing black women about their businesses. Introducing the Business Owners … Continue reading Q&A With Black Business Owners Pt.1

My Jamii Card Experience |(UkBlackOwned)

Other than blogging, supporting black owned businesses has become one of my favourite things to invest my time and money in. I did a post about 'Supporting Black-Owned Businesses' a while back, hopefully it encourages others to support BOBs too. I am aiming to use my blog as a platform and social media to share my thoughts … Continue reading My Jamii Card Experience |(UkBlackOwned)

Supporting Black Owned Businesses

"There are now around 16,000 businesses owned by people of black African and Caribbean descent in London - making up 4% of all businesses in the capital and a further 27,000 black Londoners are self-employed - up by 80% over the past decade" [Nairaland Forum] We are waking up and realising that this world isn't made … Continue reading Supporting Black Owned Businesses