Black British Bloggers Mixer Event

Another informative and inspiring event from Black British Bloggers. On Saturday I attended the last BBB event of the year with Ray (Industry Me). We spent the day networking, enjoying the selection of sweets, taking notes from the all male lineup, playing around with the gif booth and listening intently to the final panel discussion … Continue reading Black British Bloggers Mixer Event

How Black Owned Businesses & Bloggers Can Work Together

              As I am no expert blogger, I always try to include the input and knowledge of others when I write blog posts like this one. With that being said I have spoken to two women who know exactly what they are talking about and have heaps of knowledge … Continue reading How Black Owned Businesses & Bloggers Can Work Together

Blogging Without a PC/Laptop

  I met up with Shahira (AfroGlory) on Sunday for a chat and some very aesthetically pleasing drinks. 😍 Spending time with a fellow blogger is such a great experience I would definitely encourage bloggers to meet up outside of events. I was telling Shahira that I have been writing all of my blog … Continue reading Blogging Without a PC/Laptop


As it is #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek I have decided to share with you what it is that I do to deal with my mental health. As well as a few influencers who have helped me identify what it is I am dealing with, how to deal with it and what the next steps are. It has been … Continue reading #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek