You Cannot Pick ‘n’ Mix With Your Race

This was not the post that was supposed to be posted today, but I felt like sharing my two pence on the matter. I said a little on my Instagram stories and you seemed to respond well to it. I really didn't want to get involved in this conversation because I feel like it such a … Continue reading You Cannot Pick ‘n’ Mix With Your Race

How Do I Grow Healthy Natural Hair?

Because I enjoyed my time at Curly Treats Festival last year, I was determined to experience another natural hair event this year.  I experienced the famous hair and beauty event: Afro Hair & Beauty Live, for the first time this Bank Holiday weekend. I really should have done my research, as it was overwhelming to see so many … Continue reading How Do I Grow Healthy Natural Hair?

Shaking Off The "Strong Black Woman" Stereotype

Photography by @gege_tribalunicorn One of my favourite bloggers Indigo Lorae wrote a post on being the strong friend, an eye opening piece for me. Shout out to Indigo Lorae for writing How To Be A Better Friend For Your Strong Friend. I never identified myself as the strong friend, mainly because what I believed it meant to be … Continue reading Shaking Off The "Strong Black Woman" Stereotype

Black Ballad Cocktails & Conversations

Finally attended my first Black Ballad event. I have been a member for a while and hadn't attended one of their events, until now. Mainly because of work commitments, now that my hours are better I have more time to enjoy going to more events. "Black Ballad is a UK based lifestyle platform that seeks … Continue reading Black Ballad Cocktails & Conversations