Busty Black Girl Talks w/ Dafroambiance

Collaborating with Damilola of dafroambiance to have an interactive discussion on our experiences and tips on having and embracing big breast. From the B TO BIG? SAABIRAH:  I'm on the bus, on my way home and I look down at my chest, randomly. Which then sparks a bunch of thoughts.... £22 for one bludclart bra?   … Continue reading Busty Black Girl Talks w/ Dafroambiance

The Angry Black Woman Stereotype

I have been struggling with this post. I wanted to post this ages ago, but it just wasn't quite right and I thought it might just be a little too negative.  I am constantly waking up feeling like the "angry black woman" stereotype is another way to shut black women up and to shame us … Continue reading The Angry Black Woman Stereotype