BBC Black And British Season

When I first saw the advertisement for Black And British Season on Facebook I was pretty excited and interested to see what the BBC was going to show. I was a little sceptical, I thought the timing was a little random as Black History Month here in the UK is in the month of October, … Continue reading BBC Black And British Season

"It’s A Black Thing, You Wouldn’t Understand"

Scrolling through Facebook and I come across BuzzFeed's 'We Need To Talk About This Photo Of Barack And Michelle Obama' post. I'm sure we've all seen the beautiful Essence cover featuring Michelle and Barack, we've all noticed that Michelle has been blessed with a booty right? Cool. So the post was talking about the cover as well … Continue reading "It’s A Black Thing, You Wouldn’t Understand"

Notting Hill Carnival & “Black on Black Crime”

A bank holiday in August only really means one thing.... ITS CARNIVAL!. If you didn't know every year during the August bank holiday Notting Hill Carnival begins. This massive event celebrating freedom of expression and also a reminder of the Caribbean islands many black people had left behind when coming to England.  This celebration of … Continue reading Notting Hill Carnival & “Black on Black Crime”

I Don’t Think You’re Listening

If you don't want to listen to the hundreds of black people saying #BlackLivesMatter and #StopKillingUs because you feel that race is no longer an issue, then take a look at what is going on in the world. >> Understanding White Privilege << White women can go into any drugstore and find their shade of foundation … Continue reading I Don’t Think You’re Listening