Self Care Isn’t Just For Women

In light of attending several self development and blog focused events I have noticed the huge turn out of women. Especially the events that are run by black people and not necessarily for black people, the room tends to be filled with black women. Which is great, it shows just how hungry we are for … Continue reading Self Care Isn’t Just For Women

For My Brothers

This is not just for my younger brothers, it's for any black men that may come across this post. I have been meaning to do a more positive post on black men for some time now. As most of my posts are focused on how amazing black women are. This post is not a "I … Continue reading For My Brothers

I Don’t Know What To Write About

Watching NissyTee whilst enjoying some bananas and hot water. Am I the only person who drinks hot water? Rewind back to 12:00pm today and I'm warming up my rice, thinking about my neglected blog. Well my blog hasn't really been neglected, but I feel very guilty. There's only one lonely post up for this month. … Continue reading I Don’t Know What To Write About

Rambling On About Feminism

  Posts like this make my blood boil. This idea that women exist solely for men is insulting. There are more than a handful of men who feel like women must be the student in a relationship. Now I'm not against learning from your partner in a relationship, however I'm not here for the idea … Continue reading Rambling On About Feminism