Self Care Isn’t Just For Women

In light of attending several self development and blog focused events I have noticed the huge turn out of women. Especially the events that are run by black people and not necessarily for black people, the room tends to be filled with black women. Which is great, it shows just how hungry we are for … Continue reading Self Care Isn’t Just For Women

Support Within The Black Creatives Community

Is there really an issue with black people not supporting other black people? Or is it just something people say? This was the question I posted on Twitter and was glad to have a few friends get involved in the conversation. I know there is a deep rooted issue with the hesitation some black people … Continue reading Support Within The Black Creatives Community

Representation Matters

Representation is so important, I can't stress that enough. I'm so here for all the black men and women doing big things for the black community. Opening doors for more black people to express themselves. Showing the world that there's so much more to black people and black culture, than the negative images that the … Continue reading Representation Matters

The Angry Black Woman Stereotype

I have been struggling with this post. I wanted to post this ages ago, but it just wasn't quite right and I thought it might just be a little too negative.  I am constantly waking up feeling like the "angry black woman" stereotype is another way to shut black women up and to shame us … Continue reading The Angry Black Woman Stereotype