Beauty & Skin Care Created For Us, By Us

Last year I did a last minute BHM series: #BHMWithSaabirah. I shared a selection of posts dedicated to the black experience. You can read all of last year's and this years Black History Month content here. F.U.B.U - For Us, By Us As last year I shared my favourite black owned hair care products, I … Continue reading Beauty & Skin Care Created For Us, By Us

5 Reasons Why I Think Black Creatives Should be on Twitter [Guest Post]

Black Twitter is an online cultural identity that many black people around the world align with, popular culture depends on and businesses stay trying to profit off. While African Americans represent the largest membership base of Black Twitter, the increasing voice, power and influence that Black British Twitter has been something I’ve kept a keen … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why I Think Black Creatives Should be on Twitter [Guest Post]

Modern Black Queer Icons [Guest Post]

Hello beautiful people! I want to say thank you to Saabirah for reaching out to me for this guest post, I had so much fun writing it! Queer history within Black History Month isn't often talked about however the educational and cultural impact of it is just as important during this month and after. Here … Continue reading Modern Black Queer Icons [Guest Post]

October: Black Girl Festival & #BHMWithSaabirah

October, October, what a month. I was super busy making the most of the events this month. Working full time meant I was constantly missing out on opportunities to network and gain some knowledge. I told myself that I'm going to make more time for myself and get myself out there. I can honestly say … Continue reading October: Black Girl Festival & #BHMWithSaabirah