Black British Bloggers Mixer Event

Another informative and inspiring event from Black British Bloggers. On Saturday I attended the last BBB event of the year with Ray (Industry Me). We spent the day networking, enjoying the selection of sweets, taking notes from the all male lineup, playing around with the gif booth and listening intently to the final panel discussion … Continue reading Black British Bloggers Mixer Event

Why I Attend Self Care & Mental Health Events

Dealing with Mental Health can sometimes make you feel like you're the only one going through it. It can be extremely isolating. Blogging and attending events specifically addressing self care and mental health has helped me understand that I am not alone.  Writing individual blog posts on events can be difficult, especially when I want … Continue reading Why I Attend Self Care & Mental Health Events

July & August: Carnival, Features & Temporary Happiness

Two very productive months! Had some time off work, so I got the chance to attend a few events. I also celebrated my 23rd birthday with some of my favourite people. Events Ended July with Ade's first #PUSH event. You can catch all the highlights from the event on youtube, and I put together a … Continue reading July & August: Carnival, Features & Temporary Happiness

Adzvice ‘PUSH’ Event

Speakers Bola Sol // Self Development & Money Matters   Bola explored many areas that I’m sure a lot people can relate to like; the fear of failure, entitlement, diversification, energy, improving your credit and having/ managing multiple streams of income. Bola reminded us that we shouldn’t let the fear of failure own us. Failure … Continue reading Adzvice ‘PUSH’ Event