Getting Creative With Moonpig

*I was invited down to Moonpig HQ for their Christmas Event in exchange for a blog post. The thoughts and opinions shared in this post are my own as always – Disclaimer.

All images used were taken by Elouisa Georgiou

Photography: Elouisa Georgiou / Elouisa Georgiou / Elouisa Georgiou /

Moonpig is proudly the UK’s leading online personalised gifting, flower and card retailer. With 1 in 3 people in the UK shopping with Moonpig, they make sure they provide a service that is not only convenient but is also personal, uplifting and creates space for story building.

I had the pleasure of spending an evening at Moonpig HQ to know more about the company and to have some festive fun. As someone who is already familiar with the company, this event was a great opportunity for me meet the people behind the business and to get to know their products and services better.

Centrepiece Making

After an informative introduction to business and their mission. We went off into groups to create our own table centrepieces. We were given three glass jars, some ribbons for decoration and a box of fresh flowers and foliage.

I often buy myself flowers as a form of self-care, but I tend to just cut the flowers and shove them into a vase. The centrepiece making activity gave me the opportunity to really take my time and to actually think about how I was going to arrange my flowers, as opposed to my usual cut and shove method. It was such a therapeutic experience, especially as someone who finds it difficult to switch off sometimes, starting the evening with this allowed me to relax, forgot my worries and to enjoy myself.

Photography: Elouisa Georgiou /

Photography: Elouisa Georgiou /
Moonpig Flowers & Plants

Cocktail Making

This was definitely my favourite part of the evening! I learnt that the art of making good cocktails is the balance of ingredients, which is something I hadn’t really thought about before when making my own drinks. Before this evening with Moonpig I could only say that I enjoyed drinking cocktails, now however I can confidently say I know how to make a good cocktail.

Photography: Elouisa Georgiou /

Photography: Elouisa Georgiou /
Moonpig Drinks, Gifts & Chocolates

Photography: Elouisa Georgiou /


I am not the most competitive of people, so when I found out that each of our three challenges were actually competition to see which group did best, I wasn’t really sure how to feel. I surprised myself by winning the first challenge where we had to make a gingerbread mojitos. We then went on to make two other cocktails which were my two favourites of the three. The Christmopltian will be the drink of choice at home this Christmas. If you’re fan of Bakewell tarts or amaretto this might be one your like also.

Cocktails Made:

Gingerbread Mojito – Rum, Mint, Lime, Gingerbread Syrup & Soda Water.

Port Of CallGin, Port, Cranberry Juice & Cinnamon Syrup.

The ChristmapolitanAmaretto, Lime, Cranberry Juice & Champagne.

Personalised Photo Cards

The final part of the evening brought back memories of when I used to make personalised gifts when I was younger. I would make photo collage canvas for family members and hand made cards.

Photography: Elouisa Georgiou /

Photography: Elouisa Georgiou /
Moonpig Personalised Cards

Photography: Elouisa Georgiou /


After cocktail making and a little drinking, I took a more comical approach to make my card. Signing it off as ”lots of love from your favourite blogger”, which I sent to my mother. I went for a festive snow globe backdrop for my card and used one of the moonpig templates to design my card.

Photography: Elouisa Georgiou /

Photography: Elouisa Georgiou / Elouisa Georgiou /

I left on such a high that evening having met some lovely bloggers, and just being able to let my hair down, something that shouldn’t be taken for granted. I needed this evening more than I thought I did, I was reminded to enjoy myself, to find time to do something different and to get creative offline.

Thank you Moonpig for a great evening, a lovely early Christmas gift and a timely and important reminder to enjoy myself.

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