5 Life Lessons From 2018

This post is a reminder for myself and I hope that it may remind others of the some of the things they may have learnt throughout the year. It's important to reflect and speak on the good and the ugly in order to move forward. - It's Okay to be Selfish Growing up as the … Continue reading 5 Life Lessons From 2018

Freeing Yourself From Expectations

As humans we naturally respond well to praise and reward based behaviours. It feels good to make those that matter to us proud. To have people talk about you with smiles on their faces and light in their eyes. We don't want to disappoint or upset those close to us, which can sometimes result in … Continue reading Freeing Yourself From Expectations

Writer’s Block: 3 Things To Do When It Presents Itself

After three years of blogging I have experienced writer's block several times and have found that one of the best ways to deal with it is to just accept it and to take the pressure off of ourselves to constantly be doing something. Which sounds real easy in theory but, if you're anything like me … Continue reading Writer’s Block: 3 Things To Do When It Presents Itself

A Colourblind World Will Not End Racism

"Stop highlighting our differences" Ignoring differences because we all bleed the same has created the tension and confusion we see today. We are already living a life that is a result of this "I don't see colour" mindset. The uncomfortability comes from people pointing this out and calling for change. Details: Earrings – Jumpsuit Photographer: Whitney Abigail Existing in … Continue reading A Colourblind World Will Not End Racism