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I am always reluctant to claim any titles, imposter syndrome is real out here. It will have you believing you’re not who you believe you are. It’s hard to see myself as wellness blogger because I’m not positive all of the time and constantly in a yoga pose, drinking smoothies.

From discovering that I have anxiety, to finding my voice and speaking at events on the importance of self care and mental health awareness, specifically within the black community.

Speaking at my First Event

Blogging has given me a whole list of things I can now say that I do. Creating a blog when I was convinced that I wasn’t a strong writer, despite my love for creative writing, being one of my accomplishments on my list.

Words of Affirmations

I often (more times than I’d like to think of) forgot the power of affirmations. I forget how speaking loudly and publicly about my highs, doesn’t make me a vain person but it affirms my thoughts and feelings. Quietens the loud negative and exhausting thoughts. I know it doesn’t last as long as I would like it to, but I try to focus on what I have control of at the moment. Right now I am in control of this positive, freeing feeling.

The Why Behind Wellness Blogging

I didn’t plan on making wellness part of my brand. I didn’t feel qualified to speak on living a fulfilling life, when I myself am not living the life I want to be living. I just started sharing parts of my journey, encouraging others to enjoy the journey, whilst encouraging myself along the way.

As I go through my journey of healing and self acceptance, sharing those moments with others as part of something bigger than me.

I share my highs and lows, well because I guess someone has to. We live in a world where the good is shown constantly, leaving us with the feeling of inadequacy.

I defiantly want black women to know and find comfort in not having to be on it 24/7. It is okay to have low moments, it’s okay if they last longer than you expected, know that you’re not alone, it takes a lot to seek help and there is no shame in prioritizing yourself.

I am in the proces of creating a self care brand for black women and would love for you to support and give Everyday Queens a follow, thank you. I will share more about Everyday Queens once I fully launch.

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4 thoughts on “Becoming A Wellness Blogger

  1. Thank you for sharing this with us! I love how honest you are about your self-care journey and how you want people find comfort in not being in the best of moods 24/7. I feel like the world needs more people like you to remind others that it’s okay to have negative emotions, in fact it’s healthy to acknowledge a wide range of emotions. xxx

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    1. Thank you Ash! X I think it’s extremely important to understand that a range of emotions is healthy. It’s so exhausting trying to fake it, most of the time we are not even faking it for ourselves it’s mostly to make other comfortable.

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