I started this series hopefully to help others who want to get into blogging or are already blogging find ways to create magic, without money being an issue.
Blogging for me has been extremely beneficial for my mental health. I have found a community of people who I can relate to, something I didn’t really have before.
I started my blogging journey two years and several months ago, quickly approaching my blog’s third birthday (mad). I started blogging because I needed to get my thoughts out, it was purely space for me to be me, to share my thoughts on race, social issues and to share my journey through life.

Over the next few weeks, I will be covering a few main topics: the basics, photography, products, and events.


The Basics

The main theme thought this series is “using what you have“. In this post, I will go through the basics, including helpful apps and useful posts to get you started without burning a hole in your pockets. There is a lot of information out there for those interested in blogging and content creating in general, so I will link in some great posts and get straight into my thoughts on starting a blog.

I do not get many questions on blogging, but when someone does ask me how to get into blogging I tell them to just start. Honestly, you have to just get stuck in; explore the options, set up a page and get creative.

How To Choose The Best Blogging Platform in 2018

I was using Blogger which is super easy for those that are not tech savvy like myself and they have an easy to use the app as well. The app is free but very limited, so I paid for the updated version. I cannot remember the exact price for the app it was around £3-£4. It is not completely necessary but as I do not have a laptop my phone and tablet are my main devices for content creating.

>> Blogging Without A PC /Laptop <<

It is so important that you approach blogging with clear intentions. What are you passionate about? What do you want out of blogging? Find your why and enjoy the journey!

 Apps You Should Have

I will get into the apps I use for photo editing and everything like that in my next post. A few apps I would suggest downloading first are:

Buffer – This app allows you to schedule posts to a variety of social platforms, I use it to post new blog posts to my Twitter and Facebook when I am at work. You can also get reminders to post onto Instagram.

Google Analytics – I have only recently started to use this app more effectively. I  now track my traffic to see what posts do well, where my views come from, this is important for when you want to work with brands and it also helps you track your progress. It allows you to set goals as well so you give yourself targets for each week/month.

Helpful Blog Posts:

AfroGlory – Graphic Designer & Natural Hair Blogger Shahira has some real gems on her blog for anyone who wants to get started and join the blogging community.

>> Creating A LogoHow To Write A Product Review

Adzvice – The hub for advice for yourself and brands. They also host amazing events, creating a much needed conversation around a variety of topics that cater to both men and women.

>> Top 5 SEO Tips #ForBloggers – A Beginners Guide To Branding

Kristabel Plummer – The OG when it comes to blogging advice, a big inspiration for me. I love her posts on race/identity, black owned businesses and blogging. I have a few favourites on her youtube channel as well.

>> My Blogging Process – 5 Practical Blogging Changes I’ve Made This Year

The next post In the series goes into photography, I take all of my pictures for my blog and Instagram on my phone and the occasional snap on my tablet – Blog Photography On A Budget.

I also have a few guests share their advice with you on my Instagram so make sure you’re following my socials to get involved in the conversation and feel free to share your own tips and tricks using the hashtag #BOABWithSaabirah

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