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You can probably guess from looking at my instagram that I like to try out new hair care products. My mum actually refers to my room as a shop because of all the hair products I have accumulated over the months.

I am always really excited when I get the opportunity to try out some new black owned products, so when I saw Afro Bob Tro was looking for bloggers to review their products I volunteered my follicles. I was sent their Clay Conditioner and Curl & Wave Wax. I was also given two deep conditioning caps and one of their microfiber towels

Afro Bob Tro is a small black owned business dedicated to creating luxury natural hair products for Afro kinky textured hair types, to help make maintaining your natural hair easier. Their products are aimed towards the type 3/4 naturals, which is needed in the natural hair community especially when a lot of brands claim to be for “all hair types“.

First Impressions

I already knew I would like the Clay Conditioner, so I wasn’t surprised by the results and the way my hair responded to it. I like the subtle smell of the product and the size is perfect for anyone else who loves a good deep conditioner. The Clay Conditioner comes in two sizes; 240ml jar is £18.50 & their 480ml jar is £37.00.

I can’t lie I was slightly hesitant to use the Curl & Wave Wax. The last time I used any type of wax in my hair was back in day when Dax was the lick, so you can imagine I was cautious about putting any type of wax back in my hair after months of using Shea butter infused products on my tresses.

You have to use a small amount of the product to avoid that stiff hair look and place the jar in mug of warm water to help loosen up the product as it made with beeswax. I noticed that it works better in my hair with an oil to get it to evenly distribute across my hair. This product doesn’t really have a smell. I wouldn’t try it with any other styling products as it may be too heavy for my hair. The Curl & Wave Wax also comes in two sizes; 115ml jar is £10.00, and their 240ml jar is £18.00.

 Final Thoughts

Clay Conditioner 

The conditioner just feels amazing in my hair and I had zero irritation on my Scalp when using this conditioner. 

I would place this conditioner high up on my favourites list mainly because of the lack of irritation. I loved the way it melted into my hair, my hair instantly felt soft once I rinsed it out and I have already noticed a reduced amount of shedding after using this clay conditioner. Really pleased with this product, this is priced higher than any of my other products, however I feel like this is worth the coins if you just want to have a product that works without any fuss.

Curl & Wave Wax

I used this product a second time and used my favourite oil; olive oil. Using olive oil really helped to spread the wax through my hair.

I will always recommend letting your hair dry over night for the best results. The Twist Out was done on the same day, so to speed up the drying process I had to defuse my hair. Which expectantly caused frizz and less definition, which is fine for me as my hair is fine so frizz equals volume for me. 

Applying it was easy once you let the jar sit in some warm water for a few minutes to help it loosen up as suggested. I used the wooden tool provided to scoop out some of the wax. I used a pea sized amount in each section and went over it with the same amount of Castor oil. 

After applying the wax and twisting my hair I was still unsure about how the results would turn out. I thought I would be really greasy and stiff. But I was wrong, I was left with a really nice soft definition, it wasn’t greasy or stiff. I liked the results both times I used this product, however  I did feel like I could get the same definition and feel from other products I have. I feel like this would be perfect for those who have thicker stands. 

Twist out results
Twist out results
Rating out of 5


I would highly recommend the Clay Conditioner to those with fine hair like myself. It is the perfect consistency for my hair, retains moisture and doesn’t way down my hair. I would recommend the Curl & Wave Wax for those with thick hair as it has a nice soft hold, but creates greats results.

As a whole I would rate the two products a 4 out of 5, the Clay Conditioner gets a high 5 from me, but I will have to experiment with the Curl & Wave Wax a few more times to form a better opinion. 

Thank you again Cath for sending me these products.

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