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As you may already know last year I became an ambassador for Tribal Unicorn. Just before Christmas I was gifted one of Tribal Unicorn’s Xmas candles. Even though Christmas is well and truly over, the candles from Tribal Unicorn are consistent in quality and have not disappointed me, so I know this review is still relevant for anyone who may want to know my thoughts on their candles.

September: Becoming a Brand Ambassador & Feeling Good Enough <<

Tribal Unicorn creates unique soy candles and wax melts, bursting with glitter, fun, creative and classic scents.

I am a huge scented candle lover, one of the main self care products for me is a good scented candle. Walking into a room filled with a beautifully calming scent has a really positive effect on my mood and concentration.

This beauty is burning as I write this post, the sweet subtle scent of chocolate fills my room, complementing the sound of PartyNextDoor.

Scent Description: A smooth, indulgent chocolatey aroma.


I really like the subtle scent, I can appreciate a candle that isn’t overpowering and distracting. I like getting gentle waves of the scent throughout the day. These candles are good for those chilled days and days when you want to get some blogging done. It has become a normal part of my blogging routine to now light my candle before getting some content done.

I will add that I have noticed that soy candles do burn quicker than candles that are made from beeswax. However I prefer a soy candle as I am aware of the fumes I will be breathing in, and I feel more comfortable with a soy candle.

I know GeGe the founder of Tribal Unicorn was worried about this candle arriving in one piece, but I had not doubts, as their candles always arrive well packaged. My package not only arrived well wrapped and without any casualties, but I also got a few sweet treats in my box. Thank you GeGe x 

Rating out of 5


I am probably being really extra with the .5 but I am greedy and want some more. Would a barrel sized candle be too excessive or is it perfectly acceptable to have a bomb fire sized chocolate scented candle?

This is my second favourite scent after their ‘Zen’ scented candle. I look forward to their 2018 Christmas collection. It is a huge honour being able to support a talented young women and black owned business, all whilst incorporating some glitter and self love into my life.

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