Tribal Unicorn Candle |Review (UKBlackOwned)

*As a brand ambassador I get sent this candle to feature on my social media and blog. My opinions on Tribal Unicorn's Candles are my own.  As you may already know last year I became an ambassador for Tribal Unicorn. Just before Christmas I was gifted one of Tribal Unicorn's Xmas candles. Even though Christmas … Continue reading Tribal Unicorn Candle |Review (UKBlackOwned)

New Year, New Approach, Same Overwhelming Feeling

I thought this year would be different, but there's just something about a New Year that overwhelms me, to the point where doing nothing feels like my only option.  Overwhelmed I started the year super positive and purposely without making any specific New Years goals. The mere question “what are your plans for the new … Continue reading New Year, New Approach, Same Overwhelming Feeling

I’m Still Figuring It Out

  The Journey My blogging journey has been an interesting and insightful one. It helps to write about it all, to make sense of it all. I tend to avoid thinking about my future, the thought of it makes me really anxious. At the same time living in the moment can be also be tricky … Continue reading I’m Still Figuring It Out

December Curlee Box | Unboxing (UKBlackOwned)

*I pay for all of my Curlee Boxes, sometimes at a discounted price. I do receive a payment for the purchases made using my code. This however does not affect my thoughts, my thoughts on the service and products within the boxes are always my own. Firstly, Happy New Year Peeps!!  Starting the new year … Continue reading December Curlee Box | Unboxing (UKBlackOwned)