December: 2017 What A Year!

2017 has been a crazy year for me, it did start off pretty rocky with some breakdowns and a lot of self evaluation. Now that the year is coming to an end I can honestly say I am looking forward to the New Year. This will be the last of my monthly updates. I started … Continue reading December: 2017 What A Year!

My First Time Speaking At An Event

I did not think I would be writing a blog post about speaking at an event about mental health. What a surreal experience. This year has been the year of growth for me. Earlier this month I spoke at SAIE Break The Stigma: The Winter Soiree.   SAIE is a much needed "organisation dedicated to … Continue reading My First Time Speaking At An Event

What Does My Self Care Routine Look Like?

I donโ€™t have a full self care routine. I normally fit in any self care when itโ€™s wash day. I try to do some extra things that make me feel good. So Iโ€™ll take a longer bath, Iโ€™ll listen to music whilst I deep condition, that kinda thing. So what does my self care routine … Continue reading What Does My Self Care Routine Look Like?

UK Black Owned Subscription Boxes

When the whole subscription box hype came about, I won't lie I wasn't very interested. The ones I had seen people unboxing didn't really appeal to me. I saw a lot of products both me and my bank account would agree I couldn't justify purchasing. I am quite picky with what I put on my … Continue reading UK Black Owned Subscription Boxes