Disclaimer: This blog post includes an affilate code.

Other than blogging, supporting black owned businesses has become one of my favourite things to invest my time and money in. I did a post about ‘Supporting Black-Owned Businesses’ a while back, hopefully, it encourages others to support BOBs too. I am aiming to use my blog as a platform and social media to share my thoughts and any useful information on BOBs, to help raise awareness. With that being said In this post I will be sharing my experience using Jamii .

Jamii is a discount card created to encourage people to support African and Caribbean businesses within the UK.

I ordered my Jamii card back in October. As soon as my card arrived I had a browse through the site, to see all of the businesses I would receive a discount for.

I initially wanted to make the most out of year subscription, and try out all of the businesses. That didn’t happen, however, when I finally got around to shopping I went for some hair care bits.

First Purchases

My first Jamii purchase was with Sunukër . I have been wanting to get my hands on some head wraps for a while now. I decided to buy two from Sunukër and I liked the look of their Peppermint ‘N’ Vanilla Lip Balm. I got 30% off of this order with my Jamii card.

Super Easy – Once you’ve set up your account and received your card, you simply have login and redeem your discount code.

I went for TOUBA and LOMPOUL patterned African headwraps.

The Jamii site is easy to use and navigate around. I only had one issue when redeeming a code for one particular site, but a quick conversation from Khalia the founder of Jamii and it was all resolved. I really appreciated how quick and easy it was to resolve this issue.

Sunukër has since then become one of my favourite businesses for hair care and headwraps.

I stocked up on one of my favourites the Rosemary ‘N’ Argan Deep Conditioning Pre-Wash Hair Mask and was generously gifted their cute Coconut Oil Drawstring Bag. I will be reviewing this and the Creamy Moisturiser soon, in the meantime, you can read my Favourite UK Black Owned Hair Products post for more details on this product.

Final Thoughts

It’s a good purchase for those who want to discover new black owned businesses. Also for those who already have some black owned favourites and would enjoy the added bonus of a few discounts.

My only regret is not heading out and trying some of the food spots that have partnered up with Jamii. Other than that I have enjoyed my Jamii experience.

I look forward to seeing who else Jamii partners up with.

More of my Jamii purchases:


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