Yesterday I went to BAYGO‘s Private Launch. A chance to get a first look at the new Caribbean take away spot and an opportunity try out their menu. It’s always exciting to see a new black owned business open up.

On arrival I was greeted and given a cute BAYGO sticker. I arrived at 13:30 and the place was buzzing, as expected during the lunch time rush. Music was playing and everyone was chatting, it was a great vibe. The location is great for anyone working in the area, and it was only a two minute walk from Monument Station.
I had a look at the menu and decided to go with the Creole PotFish goujons with a seafood sauce, Plantain, sunshine slaw, callaloo and rice and peas“. 

Before anything, I obviously had to take a picture of my meal. I’m surprised the pictures didn’t come out blurry considering how quick I took them. I knew I would enjoy it, from the smell alone.


I’m not great at describing texture, taste and all of that food critique terminology, however I will say that the first mouthful was an experience in it’s self. The rice and peas had a comforting and familiar taste, like my grandmother was in the kitchen. 

I’m a big fan of fish, hence why I went with fish. I really appreciated the fact that the fish was fresh and the batter was the real deal. Fresh, flaky white fish with a really nice light batter. The fish sauce brought the whole meal up to a solid ten stars. I don’t know what was in that sauce, but it was heavenly. It was a spicy (spicy for me) tomato sauce full of flavour. I liked the contrast of textures; the soft fish, crunchy slaw and smooth sauce.

Overall my experience at BAYGO was great, from the warm greeting to the lovely food. I would definitely recommend it to anyone in the area. I can’t wait to go back and try out the rest of their dishes.
If you’re looking for quick, authentic and tasty Caribbean food definitely check out Baygo, they deliver via Deliveroo as well.
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