Police Brutality In The UK Is Not New

If I had a pound for every tweet that suggested that the UK is following in Americas foot steps when it comes to police brutality, I would be bloody rich. Police brutality here in the U.K. Is not new, it has been going on for years. The way it is represented here is simply different … Continue reading Police Brutality In The UK Is Not New

Understanding & Utilising Your Privilege

I have already spoken about Understanding White Privilege on my blog, but after watching a few videos on YouTube I've realised that I haven't spoken about the privileges a lot of us have. We are bound to have one or more types of privileges. We all understand white privilege, and the not so subtle ways it is … Continue reading Understanding & Utilising Your Privilege

#KinksandCurls | Texture Discrimination in The Natural Hair Community

As the natural hair movement and community has grown the conversation around texture discrimination and accurate representation has increased. LAMBB - Lookatmyblackbeauty.com a platform that celebrates black beauty has created a documentary titled 'Kinks and Curls' to encourage the conversation and to share the experiences of black women and their hair. As I actively get involved in … Continue reading #KinksandCurls | Texture Discrimination in The Natural Hair Community

Curly Treats Festival

Curly Treats Festival (formally Natural Hair Week) Is a celebration of natural hair. As I have never been to an event like this I really didn't know what to expect other lots of hair, lots of brands and hella melanin. As I expected the rooms were full of hair of all textures, the melanin was … Continue reading Curly Treats Festival