What Does Success Look Like?

Everything happens for a reason and it all happens at the right time. During a low period, I turned to social media to ask for some help. I needed some advice on improving my mood. Desylvia from Dkuncovered suggested reading or watching The Secret and directed me to Melanie Kate Love and Simply Ney youtube channels. Two ladies who share videos on the … Continue reading What Does Success Look Like?

The Will To Change Men, Masculinity, and Love | Review

*yay my first book review. I recently purchased some books from Amazon, 'The Will To Change Men, Masculinity, and Love' being one of them. I decided to review this book first, as it is a topic I have taken a lot of interested in recently. This is my first book review and I wasn't sure how … Continue reading The Will To Change Men, Masculinity, and Love | Review

Spiritual, Not Religious

Reading Jason's Religion post before writing this one and Jason has pretty much summed up my feelings towards religion. Although our thoughts are similar, my relationship with religion and God differs. I put off writing this post, because I thought my feelings weren't very unique. I think it's just that not many people talk about not being … Continue reading Spiritual, Not Religious

June: Big Hair No Care: Brixton Launch

June was actually Lit, Tun Up, Fire... The BBB squad!! Photography by Ubuntugraphy There was a few firsts in June. I went to my first bloggers event - BLACK BRITISH BLOGGERS SOCIAL. It was an amazing event, so glad I went. I also attended my first press day event. I was invited to the Big Hair … Continue reading June: Big Hair No Care: Brixton Launch