Paying Attention To My Hair & Scalp Needs *Issa Haul

*This post contains an affiliate link. My hair hasn't really grown since I did a mini chop and started looking after it better about two years ago. I am 99% sure it is because I have just been buying a bunch of natural hair care products, without paying attention to what my hair and scalp … Continue reading Paying Attention To My Hair & Scalp Needs *Issa Haul

Finding My Passion

I am the worst when it comes to applauding myself. I have always struggled to list my strengths. Getting to this point in my life where I am able to acknowledge my strengths is big for me. When I have moments of self acceptance and self belief I speak on it. Tell me about yourself … Continue reading Finding My Passion

For My Brothers

This is not just for my younger brothers, it's for any black men that may come across this post. I have been meaning to do a more positive post on black men for some time now. As most of my posts are focused on how amazing black women are. This post is not a "I … Continue reading For My Brothers

Black British Bloggers Social Event

Was well excited as this was the first blogging event I have been to, even more excited about the fact that it was a black British bloggers event. I went with my younger sister.ย I thought it would be great for me to network and gets some much needed tips on improving my blog. This event … Continue reading Black British Bloggers Social Event