March: Book Reviews & Figuring Out My Passion

What Are You Passionate About?

Figuring out my passion at the age of twenty two makes me feel slightly behind. I understand that everything takes time, but I’m super inpatient so I want it all right now. The journey so far has been slow, I really have to just push myself out of my comfort zone and try some new things. After reading Jason-RT’s post on ‘Mistakes’ I realised that I am afraid to make mistakes and that’s why I’m struggling to sort my life out. I think a little nerves is healthy, but when the nerves become overwhelming and turns you numb then that’s a whole nother story. Sometimes it’s necessary to make mistakes, there’s always something to take from it, so I might as well step into something new and see where it takes me.

‘Melanin Queen’ note book & Pencil from MyEbonyBox | Starting & Running a Business for Dummies

I still want to have my own business, just not sure what steps to make in order to start. So I bought this book ages ago, but haven’t actually looked at it since I opened up the amazon package. I’ve had some time to read through a few of the pages and made some notes – So I guess this is a start. I always get excited when I think about what I want to do, then I get anxious and I just end up putting off everything.

Book Reviews

I shared my thoughts on the little bit of Black Skin, White Masks that I did read on my instagram story. Monique suggested that I should do book reviews, I wasn’t too sure at first because I don’t really read much. I did a twitter poll (I love twitter polls) and now it’s looking like book reviews will become part of the content on my blog🎉  

KINK by Jay & Tri (Curlture) | The Fat Black Woman’s Poems by Grace Nichols

I have started to make a list of all the books I want to read and review for my blog. A mixture of books for black women and some books that just look interesting to read. If you have any recommendations, then please let a girl know.



All the big tunes that I’ve been rinsing out during this month. Love a basey beat paired with some smooth vocals. Definitely checking out the more of Savannah Cristina’s music.

Haven’t heard from 11:11 in timmeee, came across this song whilst looking through soundcloud. 11:11 gives me partynextdoor vibes.

Obsessed with Bassette’s voice on this track.  This is one of those songs you play in the summer at a BBQ.

Love me some Goldlink so I had to include this new song.



Featured this song on my mini instagram Shea Glo Review.

I made a guest appearance on Densu blog for Mother’s Day. I did a mini interview with my mum to get the 4/11 on motherhood. You can see what my mum had to say on Densu blog; Mothers Day by Saabirah Lawrence.

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