Rambling On About Feminism

  Posts like this make my blood boil. This idea that women exist solely for men is insulting. There are more than a handful of men who feel like women must be the student in a relationship. Now I'm not against learning from your partner in a relationship, however I'm not here for the idea … Continue reading Rambling On About Feminism

Why Is The Black British Struggle Ignored?

I'm sure you have seen all the conversation around Samuel L Jackson's comments on black British actors playing American roles in films. It's a real shame that the interview took an ignorant turn, because the conversation and discussions within the interview was very interesting and thought provoking. Up until the point where Samuel started to … Continue reading Why Is The Black British Struggle Ignored?

Black Sisterhood

I was reading Olivia's 'Being Black, Female & Depressed' post and you should too because it's freaken awesome and relatable af. She mentions black sisterhood and how the support from black women has helped her. This post is dedicated to all the women who have shown so much love and support throughout my blogging experience so far … Continue reading Black Sisterhood

February: Tequila Shots & Self Development

Started doing monthly updates, just to round up the month. You can read my January post here. I didn't really get up to much this month, with that being said here's what I did do. Music I came across Ari Lennox on Spotify (thankyou Spotify) and to say I'm now obsessed is an understatement. I love the whole … Continue reading February: Tequila Shots & Self Development