At 22 I am only now starting to understand what clothes work for my body shape. I’m short and stubby with large thighs, small arms and a big stomach. Figuring out what clothes complement my shape and height isn’t easy, but I’m getting there.

Developing My Style

Having your parents buy your clothes when you was younger was something I didn’t appreciate till I got older. Yeah your parents would have dressed you in whatever they liked regardless of how embarrassing those looks are now. Time and fashion changes, so I’ll forgive my mum for her matching coat/jacket and hat obsession.

As soon as I could start buying clothes black and grey were my go-to shades and anything that didn’t cling to my stomach made me happy. Having big thighs and a passion for dance meant that I spent a lot of time in Primark jogging bottoms. I slowly moved onto Skinny jeans because they sucked in my thighs, making me feel less conscious of my large thighs. There was no body positive movement growing up, after wasting time complaining about my weight I developed a level of self acceptance, until I was ready to actually ut in the work and make some changes.

I don’t know if being obsession with jumpsuits is a style, but I have fallen in love with them. Any chance I get to buy one I’m all over it. They are so practical and I just feel comfortable in them, which sums up my style; Comfortable and Practical.

Tom Boy

I considered myself a tomboy between the ages of 11 to 14. Knowing what I know I feel like I just wore whatever made me feel comfortable which was baggy clothes. I just called myself a Tom Boy because that’s what it was then, there was no just dressing how you felt and leaving it at that. Conforming to labels made it easy for people to understand and relate to me.

Dancing also played a part in my “tomboyish” style. Dancing allowed me to rock my track suit bottoms and baggy tees without feeling any type of way about it, I felt comfortable and pretty confident.

>> My On & Off Relationship With Dance <<

Sizing Up

My confidence and acceptance of my body heavily relied on what size I wore. I remember thinking I was okay at a size 14/16. Now buying clothes in the size 18/20 not only makes me realise that I have put on weight, but that I was holding onto the size to make myself feel better. However now I feel better in clothes that fit me better, I no longer beat myself up when I size up, because I know it will fit better which also makes me feel like I look better.

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