There was a video that came up on my feed because one of my Facebook friends liked it. I watched it and read the comments, big mistake. The comments were white guys claiming they love black Women,  women agreeing with the video and some white women saying that all women are stereotyped, “it isn’t just black women“. Which is correct it’s not only black Women who are negativity portrayed in the media, but the video below isn’t about all women it is about black Women, so that is what I’m going to address.

It’s easy for us “normal” working class people to say black actresses shouldn’t take on stereotypical and degrading roles. However if we don’t go to work we don’t get paid and if an actress doesn’t take a role then she doesn’t get paid either. That’s just me looking at it from their point of view. But saying that doesn’t mean I’m all for black actresses going for roles that do black women no good, I’m saying there are just some actresses who don’t see it as a problem. It is just unfortunate that what one black woman does and doesn’t do sets the tone for the rest of the black female community.

Like Viola Davis said “The only thing that separates women of colour from anyone else is opportunity“. There isn’t loads of roles for black women to play without being a stereotype.  We don’t get any black Katniss Everdeen’s, Hermione Granger’s and Bella Swan’s. Black women aren’t these type of characters in films, instead they’re side chicks, golddiggers, sexually objectified, uneducated, slaves, cleaners, single parents, the list goes on.

Hyper-sexualised Black Women

I’m all for women as a whole being unapologetically sexual, so when the video mentioned black women being portrayed as hoes it struck a nerve. I have only recently realised that black women are sexualized in the media, I still don’t fully understand it, but I have noticed it once or twice. The video showed a clip of Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda video whilst displaying the word “hoes“, personally I’m not a fan of the video or the song but let’s put aside my personal views on this and focus on the fact that women aren’t really allowed to be sexy because it automatically makes them a hoe. I don’t believe that just the naked body alone is sexy, the way someone walks, talks and carries themselves is also sexy.

I honestly do believe there’s a time and a place to be sexual and also a certain way of doing things that can be seen as sexy. Women as a whole shouldn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed by sex it’s natural we wouldn’t be here without it, so why are we being shamed for enjoying it the same way men are enjoying it?

I can only imagine how amazing an all black casted film would be with actors and actress being apologetically black and proud – Little did I know Black Panther was coming.

Trash TV?

I watch Real Housewives of Atlanta, and I think the reason black people enjoy it so much and other black reality shows is because they have money, nice clothes, nice hair and fun lives. We are able to watch it and escape our normal lives. It’s also something that hasn’t really been done in a while, we have black shows like Fresh Prince, My Wife and Kids, The Cosby Show etc, but unfortunately they ended and these new shows have appeared where they don’t really mention many black issues or black people, it’s more about the money, drama and fame.

Some of the comments on the video were spot on. Women mentioned that in order for it to change we have to make a change, we need more black entertainment in our lives, created by us. I was watching a YouTube series on a channel that only show black actresses and actors in their productions. Unfortunately we do have the odd entertainment shows that only really deal with stereotypical black people like the ADD YouTube channel. Although I’m subscribed to them and occasionally watch their videos, I do feel like these types of videos need to stop, the videos of black people seeing if they’re the only ones with big asses gets real old. Is it entertaining? Yes but does it benefit black people in any way? No. We need shows, platforms etc that are going to better our people.

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