Saturday 1st August
Went out for some drinks with my bestie Leah. We went to Westfield and decided we wanted a drink before we eat so we went to Giraffe for a cocktail. I had a mango lime daiquiri and Leah had a piña colada.
The next stop was TGI Fridays but it was a 25 minute wait for a table so to by some time we went over to Las Iguanas for another drink…or two.
Tequila shots and rum shots…what was we thinking?





Couldn’t decide what to eat, wasn’t really hungry to be honest so I just got the Jack Daniel’s Cajun-Battered Shrimp *yum, loaded fries just with cheese and a kopperberg cider.
Totally forgot that this place is an American restaurant so I should have known the cheese on the fries wasn’t going to be “real” cheese, like I thought it would taste like the cheesy chips you get at the cinema…I was so wrong lol.
 Any who…
We “finished” our food and felt pretty ill, I think the shots before the food was a bad idea.
We went back to Las Iguanas and got another tequila shot and I had a mango cocktail I can’t remember the name but anything with mango in it i’m down for.
After the shots and cocktail we went back to my Leah’s boyfriend’s and had wray and nephew with KA fruit punch… I think this is what finished me lol.

I had a pizza, chilled out then went home and that was the end of that night.

Sunday 2nd August
Went bowling with family at All Star Lanes in Straford Westfield.
Already had an idea of what I wanted to eat because I checked out the menu before hand. I ordered the fried chicken burger and a side of fries~(the fries don’t come with the burger) and an Oreo milkshake~(£5) as my cousin said it was good.
Two pieces of Southern fried chicken, lime, chilli slaw and chipotle mayo…£9.50~(fries £3)
It was delicious I would definitely recommend it.

For dessert I had a chocolate brownie with cream….£4.50. I loved the presentation of the desert and it tastes so good. A warm brownie and a little cream…perfect.


I had a ‘I Love NY’ cocktail which tasted pretty watered down but there was a lot of ice in it which is probably why it tasted like that.

Finlandia vodka, Aperol, passion fruit and apple juice…£7.50

The second cocktail I had was the ‘All Star Rum Cooler’. I love rum so this was perfect for me. It’s a small cocktail full of fruits and crushed ice, very flavourful and tasty.


Think it was £7.50 or £8.50
Definitely going back for the food and the bowling experience, great place! 
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