Thought this would be a good way to start off my blog. Here’s 50 random facts about me:

  1. I’m single and ready to eat some Pringles
  2. I’m a Leo *lion emoji*
  3. I’m the oldest of four
  4. I love pasta (CARBBSSSS!😍) I can easily eat a bowl of plain pasta 🍝
  5. Lemonade, ginger beer and milky teas are my favourite drinks
  6. I’m a control freak
  7. I’ve never been in a relationship
  8. Queen of procrastination
  9. I don’t have a favourite colour
  10. I’ve already planned out how I want my wedding to look 
  11. I don’t want children
  12. I’m a Tumblr addict 
  13. I LOVE scented candles
  14. I believe there’s a God but I’m not religious
  15. I’m probably 5″4 but I like to tell people I’m 5″5…ok I’m probably only 5″3.
  16. Favourite places to shop are; ASOS, Primark, New Look and H&M
  17. I live with my family
  18. I love watching documentaries
  19. My favourite song changes all the time at the moment it is ‘The Weeknd – Earned It’
  20. I’m very forgetful
  21. Favourite cocktail is piña colda
  22. I love being alone (Im a bit of a loner 😛)
  23. I hate bugs
  24. I have two brothers and one sister
  25. I over think A LOT
  26. If I could have a superpower I’d want to be able to read minds
  27. Favourite youtubers are; Itslinamar, brogantatexo, estareLIVE, SeeAyanna, and MyFrugalFinds.
  28. I’m not allergic to anything *Yay*
  29. I can roller skate (barely)
  30. I did a lot of street dancing when I was younger
  31. My favourite TV shows are; Hollyoaks, Rules of Engagement, Real Housewives of Atlanta, Being Mary Jane, New Girl and Melissa & Joey
  32. I’ve only been to one concert, it was a Chris Brown concert *smh 
  33. I only have my ears pierced
  34. Sunny weather makes me happy. My favourite season is definitely Summer
  35. Favourite meal would be; rice and peas, curry goat, macaroni cheese and 
  36. My favourite movies are; Man on Fire, Twilight Saga, Snow White and the Huntsman, Taking Lives and Parent Trap (both versions)
  37. Mint chocolate chip everything. I love Aero chocolate, After Eights and mint chocolate chip ice cream
  38. I’ve been to a protest, wasn’t a very good experience though.
  39. I wanted to be a midwife up until this year
  40. My eyes and lips are my favourite features
  41. I’m very opinionated but 99% of the time I don’t express my thoughts or options unless asked
  42. When I’m drunk I feel like I can be myself, I do or say things of want to say when I’m sober but too scared to (I’m so sad lol)
  43. Cheese and onion crisps will forever be my favourite flavoured crisps.
  44. The thought of being in a relationship scares me.
  45. I love the word “bruh”😎
  46. I have a bad habit of pushing people away
  47. My favourite holiday is Christmas, I love the food and good vibes, any time spent with family are good times
  48. I have a Muslim name because my parents were Muslims when they had me
  49. I only let people know what I want them to know
  50. I get demotivated very quickly 
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